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5 Ways to Generate Positive Client Reviews for Your Business

Starting a new business? You'll want to get good reviews on Google, and even consider engaging in SEO services to boost your ratings.

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We know very well how essential Google reviews are on the web, and we know just as well how those published on Google are useful in improving the positioning of your business on the web.

Google rewards profiles with the best reputation, which is why it is imperative to incentivize positive client reviews for your business.

Here are five ways to encourage users to write positive reviews on Google!

1. Offer excellent customer support

Whatever your business sector, offer the best customer care service. Customer Support will allow your company to differentiate itself from competitors, increase customer esteem for your business thanks to the positive comments they will spontaneously leave. It will also inspire trust in users who will meet your company for the first time on the web. You can also avail seo services singapore to optimize your site on the web.

2. Ask to review your business on Google

The cheapest way to get a Google review isn’t always the easiest! You can ask during an informal conversation or after a small inconvenience has been positively resolved by taking advantage of the customer’s benevolent attitude towards you.

You can also leave customers a note or a card with a QR Code that leads directly to your Google company profile, or you can send an email as a reminder to review you who has left their contacts.

3. Encourage your team to collect comments

Train your team members in the collection of reviews starting from the dialogue with customers. Teach them to use the right phrases, for example:

“Thank you, Mr A; we are happy that you enjoyed our products! What do you think about leaving a small review on Google to share your user experience? “

Offer an incentive to those who have obtained the most remarkable recognition by the satisfied customer!

It will motivate your staff and make asking for comments part of their daily work routine.

4. Always reply to comments

To make a great impression on your readers, it is imperative to respond to positive and negative reviews.

Here are some tips on the right tones to use in answers:

Positive comments: take advantage of the factors that the user liked the most about you to emphasize your strengths;

Negative comments: they are the ones that make a company more real because by reading them, people know what they can expect for the worse. Apologize for the inconvenience, use a calm tone and be willing to improve;

Neutral comments: Again, try to reinforce the positive elements.

seo agency singapore can assist you in dealing with all types of comments to help your business an exciting image in the eyes of your customers.

5. Host special events

Create a special event to bring users closer to your brand and create a strong bond with your company. For example, Oreo used 3D printing technology to create customized cookies in the cream’s flavour, colour, and arrangement.

Doing Experiential Marketing does not mean selling products, but emotions. What better incentive to write a good review about yourself?


Start using these simple tips today to increase positive client reviews. You will undoubtedly benefit from it in terms of positioning, brand credibility, and increased conversions!