7 AI Tools For Email Inbox Management

Have a hefty inbox? Hundreds of unread messages? No fear, use these email tools to keep your company on track.

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Spend less time on your emails, and more on your business

As more people have transitioned to remote work during this pandemic, employees are beginning to communicate through emails on a day to day basis.

This generates thousands of emails that you will receive not only from clients and colleagues, but also pesky scammers, wasting your time every single day.

This can be avoided by utilizing some tools which can help manage your email inbox, helping you prioritise the people that are truly important for you and your business.


Sending hundreds of emails per week can be very exhausting, especially as a freelancer trying to connect with hundreds of businesses.

That’s not even the worst part. Only 10 – 15% of your emails sent out are replied to by the end of the week…  What!?

At the beginning of your journey as a small business, you will go through trial and error, with minimal feedback. Not having a single reply from your potential clients can slow your journey down and demotivate you.

However, using this tool can speed things up!

Mailtrack understands you and has built-in features to help you learn more about your potential clients’ emailing habits. These include:

  • When the email was opened
  • Number of times they opened the email
  • Activity within the email

Knowing these three pieces of data is sufficient to analyze when your potential clients are most active on their emails, know if they just deleted it soon after they opened it, and see if they clicked on any links within your email.

This is one of the best tools that money can buy, even for someone on zero budget. To get the best value from this tool, you can select one of their annual plans for “PRO” or “ADVANCED” features, which are both currently 50% off.


Do you mindlessly subscribe to tons of websites, trying to receive freebies? 

Well, everything comes with a price and you’ll start to receive tons of emails from them – drowning your inbox in promotions and missing out on your client’s responses.

Well, you don’t have to worry much once you get a hold of Unroll.me.

Unroll.me is a tool that gives you an overview of all of the websites you’ve subscribed to, and unsubscribe to them just by clicking the huge green button.

Another feature that can make your life easier is called “The Rollup”, which you can redirect emails to, keeping your inbox clean.

Smart Assist

Do you currently work or own a large business with various steps that need swift communication between various departments?

Then you need to get a hold of Smart Assist!

Smart Assist will help you organize and redirect emails to the appropriate departments for further action. Businesses such as factories which need to receive critical emails and act immediately need to get a hold of Smart Assist to respond to email requests quickly and effectively. 

Training Smart Assist to do your everyday email tasks can also be beneficial to your business and raise your efficiency.


Save yourself from skimming through hundreds of emails per day from product promoters and spammers and divert your attention to what’s important… your clients.

Sanebox is an AI-based service that keeps you and your inbox “sane” by screening each incoming email to analyze their level of importance based on your criteria. These include scanning the subject lines of your incoming emails – identifying keywords that will trigger the importance of the messages received.

You can expect the following benefits when installing this tool:

  • Enable Do-Not-Disturb mode and unplug yourself from work during your rest hours
  • Filter out messages from unknown senders
  • Set follow-up reminders of your unread emails
  • And many more…

Sanebox will not only help you focus on who and what are important to you, but also help you spend less of your time on your inbox messages and more on your actual work.


Have you been having trouble not receiving any replies from local businesses, trying to build a relationship, and possibly become your potential clients?

Start improving the contents of your emails by installing Boomerang into your Gmail account. Get the help of “Respondable”, an email drafting assistant, that scans your email content before you send them to your potential clients.

Analyzing your subject length, word count, question count, and reading level are all necessary for you to know that the emails you’re about to send are most likely to get responses from your targeted audience.

This is one of the most important tools for freelancers who want to increase the chances of their emails being read and responded to by their clients.

The Email Game

Answering emails can be very boring. This is why developers from Boomerang have gamified your emails. As soon as you receive an email, you have only three minutes to solve your client enquiries, by selecting from three options: reply now, schedule reply later or skip. 

This tool forces you to handle one email at a time, instead of being bombarded by hundreds of enquiries as soon as you access your email account — this offers more personalised support, more thoughtful actioning, and greater email productivity.


How can you make thousands of clients feel special if you only have a limited amount of time and attention to cater to their enquiries?

Well, Front has got you covered!

Front is a shared inbox application that allows you and your team to collaborate, assign, reply, and comment on emails that your company receives from various email addresses, including jobs@, press@, contact@.

Having all of these emails presented in one window can save you the hassle of switching between tabs, free up your memory space, and help you stay attentive to all your client’s emails.

You won’t have to email your colleagues for assistance for help based on your client’s request. Just simply assign it to the right employee and let them handle it.

If your client gives a difficult request, you can collaborate with your team members by commenting on an email draft before sending an official response to your client to ensure the best response you can provide, and keep your clients satisfied.

The Bottom Line

All of these tools that I’ve recommended are important for you to manage your inbox and the time spent in them.

Each of these tools has its advantages, and when combined, will help you and your employees for the better, and most importantly – your clients.

So what are you waiting for? Start trying them out and witness the smiles of you and your clients in the upcoming future.