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6 Most Common PPC Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Many businesses have generated a solid amount of revenue for themselves by using PPC ads as they are an excellent tool for generating leads and conversions.

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As easy as it seems on its face, pay-per-click marketing is one of the most complex yet compelling media of marketing. After the coming up of Google ads (Adwords,2000) in the market, PPC has gained popularity among businesses, and its growth has only shown an upward trend since 2015. 

PPC services in Singapore define this mode of advertisement as the trendsetter because of their high rate of customer conversion. But, on the other hand, many businesses do not understand the complexities of this mode of marketing and end up committing the following common mistakes. 

1. Incorrectly using match types

Those of you that familiar with the importance of keywords in advertising and content will understand the match types. There are three types of keyword match – broad, phrase, and exact. If you want to have higher traffic on your website, then you need to base your keywords as per the broad match. On the other hand, if you want a good conversion, then choose the phrase match. 

2. Combining Display and Search in the same campaign

A PPC agency Singapore will not recommend you combine the search and display in the same marketing campaign. The rationale behind this is that both of them have a completely different way of functioning. This means that search network leads are likely to target specific customers or high-value clients. Meanwhile, display campaigns are designed to generate a more extensive reach at a cheaper cost.

3. Not Having Specific Goals

While developing your PPC campaign, try to have concrete goals. For example, increased revenue, increased traffic, increased conversion; all are just very vague PPC goals. So instead, try to be more specific with your goals, like the number of leads you want for a particular product, the cost of each click, etc. 

4. Not Tracking goals

We assume that you’ve hired PPC services in Singapore, and the agency will set up the goal tracking and monitor your PPC progress to make the most of your online advertising campaigns. Set up tracking goals in PPC campaigns is vital to see if your ad is effective and whether you are meeting your KPIs.

5. Not using geographic targeting

Your business should research its target market thoroughly. Businesses tend to generalize their target markets. Your business can start by researching your target customers’ demographic information and their interests as per their geographical locations. Studying this data will give you a good idea of your potential customers’ needs and where to geo target them. 

6. Not reviewing the performance of search partners

This is an intricate thing that usually goes unchecked while developing your PPC campaigns. Search partners are the non-google websites in which your ads are shown, and by default Google ad setting will automatically get the box checked. Keep a close eye on the performance of keywords that are shown on search partner sites. If the performance isn’t optimal for you, you might want to uncheck the box for search partners and focus your ad on Google platforms only. 

There are inevitable other mistakes that businesses can make when they try to run their own PPC campaigns. They can’t see that it is not the area of expertise they’re good at and tend to go overboard, making their campaigns complicated. In addition, it is not easy to handle all of the tasks on your own. So, please consider getting a good PPC agency in Singapore to take care of everything.