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7 Advanced Image SEO Techniques For 2021

Optimized visual content is important for better search engine rankings, including SEO for images. Here's how to use image SEO to boost your site.

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Optimization of visual content is necessary for visitors, customers, and search engines to grab attention. You can optimize images and videos to enhance the findability and speed of your websites. Suppose you are in touch with an SEO agency in Singapore. In that case, you might be aware that image optimization helps create a better user experience, fast page loading speed and increases the chances of getting additional rankings.

Here are some image optimization tips that can help you with the growth of your business in Singapore

1. Selecting the right format

You must know that you should know about the best file type before adding the images to your website. Many image formats are available for you to explore and find the best one. PNG has a big file size but offers good quality images. JPEG allows you to adjust the image quality levels and the WebP also offers compression but is supported by Firefox and Chrome.

2. Compression

SEO agencies in Singapore highly advise that you compress the images before uploading them to your website. You can compress the images through applications like TinyPNG or Photoshop. The motive is to compress the images externally on their services to decrease the load on websites.

3. Use unique images

While setting up the bar for your brand, you should always try to use unique visual content. If your website has images that do not look natural and original, you don’t have many chances of standing out. You must make sure that your SEO specialist in Singapore presents the right photos in front of the audience.

4. Copyright issues

While uploading the image files, you must consider the copyright issues. These factors are ethical and speak a lot about your brand image. If you violate copyright issues, you can receive a notice and get involved in legal issues. 

5. Customizing Image File Names

Providing a keyword-rich file is an essential element while performing SEO marketing apart from it being descriptive. The image file name helps Google and other search engines to crawl by the name of the image. It improves the understanding of your image and also the SEO value.

6. SEO-Friendly Alt Text

The Alt tags provide an alternative to your images if the browser is unable to render them correctly. It describes the content of an image file and helps the crawler to function correctly. It provides benefits to the overall on-page SEO strategy. The tags make sure that the photo remains relevant.

7. Page Title and Description

If you are in connection with an SEO agency in Singapore, you might know that search engines also use page titles and descriptions as part of their image search algorithms. The basic on-page SEO factors like header tags, metadata, structured data, etc., play a significant role in affecting your rankings. Therefore, it becomes crucial to pay attention to all the details.

Ensure that you find the best SEO company in Singapore to assist you with your work and enhance your organic traffic.