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Things To Do Before Removing Outdated Website Content

Determining what content is useful and what is outdated or needs to be replaced can be a difficult task, particularly for old website content.

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Do you know outdated content can affect your website negatively? Yes, Google indeed prefers updated and fresh content for its users. It is simple to remove old website material. You have the option of redirecting it or deleting it. But, if the out-of-date blog article continues to drive visitors to your site, do you want to get rid of it? If you do not examine a few critical indicators before making a choice, it may cost you leads, revenue, and the bottom line. Read the article to learn more.

Examine Your Content

The auditing and assessing of your material is the first step in the process.

Content is divided into three categories:

  • Content that is beneficial to you.
  • Content that is useless to you.
  • Content that has the potential to harm you.

We must determine which bucket all of our information belongs in the Search Engine and the content should not be very chaotic and unorganized. Crawling your content is the initial stage in the process.

You have many choices for crawling your material, including:

  • Screaming frog
  • DeepCrawl
  • On crawl
  • Sitebulb
  • Botify

Evaluate The Quality Of Your Content

The next step is to assess the quality of the information on your website. A professional SEO firm in Singapore can easily help in evaluating your content to the core.

Quality content, in my opinion, is material that meets the following criteria:

  • Accurate
  • Solves Problems
  • Visual
  • Entertaining
  • Educational

Put Your Assumptions On Test

What evidence do you have that previous material is no longer relevant? Bounce rates, time spent on the page, and conversions should all be monitored.

Is the previous website material still helping you achieve your objectives? Check to see whether natural search conversions are growing or declining. Although newsletter sign-ups are high, form completion for goods and services has been reduced. Is it appropriate in light of what you are attempting to accomplish?

Get in touch with an expert SEO firm in Singapore for the pages you put up previously in Google Analytics to determine a page’s performance. Here is the first step in deciding whether URLs are performing as expected:

Review Your Rankings

Is the website content you are thinking of removing or diverting well-ranked in search? Has it snatched up any extremely competitive terms? What is your comfort level with losing search engine exposure for those keywords if the old material is removed or the new content you redirect to do rank as well?

Review Google Search Console

There is a lot of information about page URLs and search queries available. Track the click statistics for previous material over time to spot any new patterns. In other words, did the number of clicks drop suddenly at one point? Have they risen in value over time? Spending time in Google Search Console with URLs, clicks, and keywords is a fantastic method to evaluate the health of your website from an SEO firm in Singapore’s standpoint.

To put it another way, traffic is not everything. Before making any changes that may affect visitor counts, make sure you know whether the page’s past visitors were a suitable fit for your content and objectives. You will have a far stronger foundation for assessing the SEO price in Singapore on prospective traffic if you have examined the surrounding variables.