Job-Oriented Vocational Courses in Singapore 2022

Vocational courses can get you a leg up in the industry and greatly enhance your starting position when entering a new workplace.

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Singapore is a leading education hub with world-class universities providing quality education at affordable prices to local and international students. The country is consistently ranked as one of the top education hubs in the world, reflecting its highly ranked universities, diverse student community and high quality of life. 

Singapore offers its students a unique learning experience that is the perfect blend of social, cultural and educational opportunities. Singapore also offers the sophistication of modern living, making the country truly vibrant and cosmopolitan. Many foreign students these days choose to study in Singapore. 

A vocational diploma is a certificate or document issued by an educational institution, such as a college or university, that certifies that a beneficiary has completed a job oriented course of study. Singapore is one of the places where you can get a variety of job oriented vocational certifications in different fields of study. This article discusses some of the potential vocational and job oriented courses that can be pursued in Singapore. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Business

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business by the London School of Business and Finance is designed as an entry-level qualification for students seeking careers in a variety of industries and for higher education qualifications in business-related subjects.

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

The Advanced Diploma in Information Technology is one of the most popular diploma courses in Singapore. It is designed to equip students with relevant professional and academic know-how for effective analysis, design and management of computer systems, as well as advanced theoretical knowledge underlying programming and systems development.

Professional Global Diploma in Education

Professional Global Diploma in Education aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform effectively at the upper grade level in school or an equivalent learning environment.

Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

This program best suits those seeking a career in travel, tourism, hospitality management, or  in one of many ancillary services industries, but without professional training and skills. It is also intended for people with work experience but who lack academic background and qualification in the field. Participants can gain comprehensive knowledge of industry best practises and processes.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This Diploma provides a deep understanding of the basic academic concepts and principles associated with the broader areas of Accounting and Finance. The course is offered with online sessions at many institutions in Singapore. Students can comfortably have classroom experience at home. 

Diploma in Business Studies

The  main goal of vocational business programs is to provide a deep knowledge of basic scientific concepts and principles related to a wider area of ​​management. Credit points earned in a vocational diploma program in business administration enable one to transition to an appropriate higher degree in business administration. The skills earned prepare students  to succeed in career or business. 

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Diploma Program provides unique insights into international trade and logistics. The main goal of a Logistics and Supply Chain Management diploma is to prepare students as much as possible for a successful logistics and supply chain management career in various industries.

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Banking and Finance is aimed at aspiring financial professionals who want a successful career in the global economy. Banking and financial diplomas aim to provide students with core industry-related academic knowledge and skills that they can apply to their careers.

Diploma in Data Analytics

Diploma in Data Analytics consists of key core modules such as statistical analysis, data visualisation, data analysis, machine learning, cloud computing, app development, the Internet of Things (IoT) and project management. These are areas of essential for those seeking to establish themselves in the industry.

Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology

The Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology was developed to meet the ever-changing requirements of network and computer technology for the IT industry, especially for IT professionals. 

All these vocational training courses are short-term vocational training programs offered by various universities and organisations in Singapore. Local and international students can benefit from and learn the skills needed to perform a particular task or job in multiple industries.