5 Reasons To Use Claypot For Cooking

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5 Reasons To Use Claypot For Cooking

Many cultures around the world cook in claypots, be it rice, soup, or any other kind of dish. Here's how to use claypots to boost the value of your cooking.

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Have you ever tasted the meals cooked in a clay pot? Do you know there is so much aroma and earthy flavour attached to some dishes? Well, it is all because of the clay pot cooking techniques. Using clay pots for cooking has been a tradition in many parts of the world long before the introduction of stainless steel pots. Today, more and more people use them for cooking delicious food items and enjoying eating them. Be it your Biryani, Handi Chicken, or even claypot turtle soup; every dish cooks amazingly well on it. 

Why use clay pots?

It brings a nice flavour to the food 

The claypots are incredibly famous for providing a fantastic taste to the foods that they are cooking. The reason is primarily because of the material that they are made of – clay. Clay is chemically alkaline by nature. When food is put into the clay pot, it is combined with the alkaline nature of the clay and the acids present in the food, enabling a more natural and balanced taste to be achieved.

Apart from just making the food healthy for you to eat, the clay pots lend a nice flavour and aroma to the food. The food cooked in the earthen pots is rich in several minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Good for heart

The use of excess oils nowadays to make food is one of the leading causes behind weight gain and several related heart diseases. If you’re trying to cut down on the amount of oil in your dish, make your meal in a clay pot. The claypots do not require much oil for cooking. They take a longer time to heat, and the cooking takes place slowly. This method helps to retain the natural oils and moisture in the food.

The nutritional value is maintained

The heat and moisture are circulated evenly inside the clay pot during cooking as they are porous enough. This property of the clay pots helps retain the food’s nutritional value more than the foods cooked in other utensils. Also, the turtle soup cooked in claypots remains fresh and juicy.

Aromatic Dish

The clay pots possess unique properties to make your food taste better. They are porous and use a slow cooking process that prevents the natural aroma of the food to vanish. Therefore, always try to use clay pots while cooking turtle soup to experience the nice aroma of your delicious meal.


 You can find clay pots almost everywhere in the country. There are clay pots made of all kinds of materials and sizes to fit your needs. you can select the clay pots that fit your needs perfectly. The earthen pots are an effective and affordable solution to all your cooking needs. You can buy them at a reasonable cost and enjoy your delicious meals.
Using a claypot for turtle soup is highly beneficial as the aroma of food does not dissipate during long-term cooking. The slow-cooking process also lets the natural flavors of food really shine through and lets you lead a healthier life.