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6 Simple Hacks to Make Your Food Taste Better

Right ingredients, right quantity and right timing is the secret behind delicious foods. These 6 simple cooking hacks will make your food taste better.

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A simple step can make or break the taste of food. It’s all about the right ingredients in the right quantity at the right time! Cooking might take a lot of your time and the efforts may still go in vain if it is not appealing to your taste buds. Let’s add some super simple cooking hacks that can make your food taste better. These cooking hacks can be your handy companion on almost all cuisine. 

1. Chop your Ginger-Garlic ‘On Time’

Ginger as well as garlic, both have a distinct aroma and flavor. It is advisable to chop ginger-garlic just before using them on your dish. This helps transfer the fresh aroma straight to your food. If possible, try using freshly grounded ginger garlic paste, preferably made at home. Compared to the ready-made ones available at your nearest grocers, fresh paste is richer in flavor.

2. Heat the Oil Well

Let the oil in the pan heat well before you drop in your veggies or meat. Pan temperature drops the moment ingredients are added to the pan. Hence it is better to add them after the oil reaches the optimal temperature. This helps in ingredients not getting stuck to the bottom of the pan and aids in the sautéing process. So make sure your pan is heated first and followed by oil, before your ingredients go in.

3. Using Seasonal Produce

Your diet can include seasonal produce. Fruits and vegetables that are seasonal are some of the most nutritious produce available. They are mostly farm-fresh and don’t really go to the cold storage shelves. Taste is also usually on the better side with farm-fresh seasonal veggies and fruits. They will enhance your recipes, no doubt!

4. Substitute Cream with Cauliflower

A natural and healthy substitute for cream in cooking is cauliflower. In your cream based dishes, you can try using cauliflower puree. Steam them and make a puree out of it. Dishes will get thicker, creamier and have lower calories. However, cauliflower’s taste may be present in your final dish; therefore, use this cauliflower puree sparingly. 

5. Let Garnish be the Final Step

Garnish goes at the end! Dried herbs can go immediately on top of your dishes after cooking, and it is advisable to sprinkle or lay the fresh herbs on top of your food just before serving. Allow the garnish to infuse into your food by covering with a lid. The steam helps the infusion process. 

6. Salt is the Real Saviour

With all that said and done, the success of your dish largely depends on the right use and blend of salt. Both iodised salts and unprocessed salts are available in the market. Always use good quality salt. Make sure to add salt at multiple stages of your cooking. Don’t throw all of it in the beginning, as that can ruin the dish. For amateurs, it is advisable to use the right measuring spoons for salt and other spices.


You may not always end up with success in cooking. But what you can do is to practise some handy tips that will go well with all sorts of dishes. Add these 6 easy to follow cooking tips that can make your food taste much better. No more bland and boring cooking, it’s all about amazing dishes hereafter!


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    Good read. Talking about salt, I decided to write a paragraph on it. A lot of people, ironically enough, are unaware that eating too much of this very necessary mineral can lead to some health problems down the road. In fact, excessive intake of table salt has been linked to increased risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. If these things happen in your body, you’re dead, literally. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s also not the sole cause for these issues. But drastic reduction in consumption is necessary, no doubt. Salt alone won’t do the trick.