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How to Streamline Your Restaurant’s Delivery System

Although food delivery was one of the rising trends for the restaurant industry prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 really did bolster the movement to fr

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Although food delivery was one of the rising trends for the restaurant industry prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 really did bolster the movement to fruition. Eateries could no longer allow customers to dine-in, and as a result, takeaways and deliveries began to grow popular.

Take-out became a significant priority for the restaurant industry. As restaurants rushed to catch up to the demand for food delivery, some turned to third-party delivery services to help them stay in business. However, this can come at a cost. Third-party delivery services often charge a fee, and so toward the last stretch of the pandemic, they simply became a means to an end.

But now, many restaurants are looking to establish their own independent delivery systems. This is true not just for fast food joints but for niche restaurants as well such as broth or turtle soup delivery.

So, how can restaurants such as these shift their perspectives to include food delivery as a part of their daily operations? There is a lot of fine tuning involved, but it is completely possible to improve your existing restaurant designs for deliveries. Here are five ways for you to prepare your restaurant operations for delivery services.

  1. Updating the POS System

It is a well-known fact that a restaurants’ success can hinge on a good management system, and having a good system is tantamount to easing your operations and maximising efficiency, helping you turn a profit. Make sure your POS system can handle deliveries, and if it can’t, consider upscaling it to one that better suits your needs.

  1. Create a Delivery App

Most times, people order food delivery because it is fast and convenient. Having an application helps with accessibility and makes it easier for customers to place their orders. Hence, part of a good delivery system is to have an application that can extend your services online for a seamless customer experience. You can integrate a delivery software connecting to your POS system to better serve your customers.

  1. Optimising Kitchen Line Workflow

Although this may seem like a small issue, it can have a big impact on your service delivery once you have launched. When orders are placed, workload can begin piling up on your kitchen staff, and if there is an area of operations that is not maximised efficiently, it can bog down your flow. Especially when it comes to delicate cuisine such as claypot turtle soup.

Have a training session with your crew and management team. Help them organise teams and brainstorm ideas on how to designate areas of the kitchen for tasks such as cooking, food preparation, packaging and plating.

  1. Dedicate Waiting Areas

On the same note as we previously mentioned, there has to be an area of the restaurant that needs to be segmented from the dine-in customers to make room for delivery services. This is to ensure that orders go out with ease and do not clog up in-person customer traffic. 

  1. Create New Designs

When it comes to newly-launched delivery services, you should also create new visual designs. This can range from a specified take-out menu to new, branded packaging.

Having a specific take-out menu can help narrow down the range of dishes you can make that is suited for deliveries, thus lifting the burden of having to find ways to properly package the more complicated ones such as claypot turtle soup. 

Premium packaging also helps in terms of marketing, allowing more and more people to become aware of your brand and generating more leads towards potential customers. One prime example of restaurant delivery that people may recognise is Ser Seng Turtle Soup delivery, who happen to be one of the few restaurants that provide delivery services for specialty cuisine.

Both of these designs above contribute to recognition and improve the image of your restaurant brand. After all, your restaurant delivery service must also reflect the image of your restaurant.
Now that you know these five ways of streamlining your restaurants’ delivery system, make sure you keep them in practice so that your restaurant can eventually ease into them smoothly. Launching a new service is never easy, but it takes time. Take a look at Ser Seng Turtle Soup delivery, for example, who have been doing it for a long time!