How to Lose Belly Fat for Women

Are you in a hurry to lose belly fat? Is there a party or a wedding you need to attend? Or do you just want to get back in shape?

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Get Rid of Belly Fat

Whatever your reasons may be, losing weight is a journey that many people embark on, and it’s never bad to burn fat and gain some muscle (in a healthy way, of course!). Exercising is the go-to method to help reduce belly fat, but there are other pointers you can keep in mind too, like avoiding alcohol and following strict diets. We’ll go through two essential components of losing belly fat that you need to know of before starting your journey.

  1. A Combination of Exercises

Firstly, there are various kinds of exercises to lose belly fat out there that don’t necessarily include going to the gym. For women, it’s recommended you practise aerobic exercises for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis if you want to burn belly fat quickly. Aerobics is a fun way to get you sweating, and it burns a lot of calories, which is your ultimate goal at the moment. Focus on cardio; it’ll get you up and running!

Jogging, swimming and aerobics classes are one of the few recommended high-intensity aerobic exercises. 25 minutes of intense running can burn up to 300 calories. If you’re a beginner, increase your exercise duration and experiment with different types gradually. Zumba dance sessions are equally useful due to its pacing, and it’s also flexible in which you can pick the routines according to your personal music tastes and to which part of your body you want to work on. Skipping is also another aerobic exercise which stimulates muscles, enhances cardiovascular and respiratory systems, supports metabolism and fat burning. 

If you’re interested in cycling, especially outdoors, it’s definitely a good way to lower your body fat percentage. Cycling promotes muscle mass gain and strengthens them. At the end of the day, choose an aerobic exercise that suits your interests, resources and capabilities the best!

  1. Dietary Intake

Diet control is another part of your weight loss journey that you need to keep your eye on. Some go for options like intermittent fasting or different variations of fasting, but that would be taking a big step and it’s not recommended if you’re only just kick-starting your weight loss journey. Start by making sure to consume more veggies, whole grains, white rice and breads. Salmon, sardines and tuna are oily fishes that you should include in your diet since they contain high-quality proteins and a great source of omega-3 acids. 

Consider eating high-protein breakfasts regularly. Go for protein smoothies, scrambled eggs or porridge in the morning. A protein-rich breakfast will increase your metabolism and maintain muscle mass amidst weight loss. Hydration is also key for solving most health issues to some extent. A healthy adult woman should drink 2.7 litres of water (or 11 cups) a day alongside their calorie-burning activities. It’s ideal for you to avoid high-calorie drinks like sweet or soda based drinks. 

You can drink water before having a meal to help reduce appetite. But a more important tip to reduce belly fat is to drink lukewarm water infused with lemon early in the morning upon waking up from sleep. This boosts metabolism and stimulates your digestive system. 

Aside from drinking, reducing salt consumption is equally important. Avoid processed foods rich in sodium. Excess salt retains water and swells in your stomach. What you should focus on is adding water-soluble dietary fibre in your meals. They act in the same way that protein acts, in which they make you feel less hungry by absorbing water and lowering fat absorption. Water-soluble dietary fibres can easily be found in barley, seeds, beans, nuts and lentils. 

No pain, no gain

It’s impossible to completely lose belly fat in a span of one week. But, you can certainly start and achieve visible results through time, provided you keep to a combination of aerobic exercises daily and commit to an apt diet. A week might look too short to get results, but you have to be confident in yourself and stay focused. No more excuses! Keep your head in the game, and you’ll come out of this a winner.