Which Sport Burns The Most Calories?

Which sport is the most effective at helping you to burn calories, build muscles and lose weight? Here's a quick guide to advise you.

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Calories are the biggest culprit when it comes to losing weight, and you must deal with it in order to lose belly fat.

The majority of people would be focused on joining their local gym at the start of their weight loss journey, but it may be too expensive at this time, and the gym is constantly full – with every piece of exercise equipment occupied!

The next best option for starting your weight loss journey is to participate in a variety of sports; however, which sport should you focus on to burn the most calories?


Boxing is one of the most popular sports one can get into to become very wealthy. However, recently people have started to take classes on boxing, as one of the main means of losing weight.

Boxing is more than just punching. 

There’s head movement and footwork, as well as defensive skills like bobbing and weaving and power and speed drills. Boxing, moreover, is a full-body exercise since it engages both the upper and lower bodies.

After a few sessions, you’ll notice a significant weight reduction. Boxing can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. That’s a significant quantity, and when combined with good nutrition, it can have a significant impact on your physique.


Squash is a fantastic all-around, full-body workout. First and foremost, the sport provides a vigorous aerobic workout. Players race around the court, back and forth, with each game lasting anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour

The sport necessitates that your heart is in good shape, to begin with, and it can significantly enhance cardiac health over time. The sport keeps your heart pumping at around 80% of its maximal pace for the length of the game. This is due to the constant sprinting and short rest periods between rallies.

When played recreationally, squash burns an average of 525-700 calories per hour. In a competitive game, they’ll burn 850-1150 calories each hour. However, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn, making this an excellent sport to engage in with your best friends!


Swimming is another sport that burns a lot of calories, whether it’s for enjoyment or for competition. Depending on your weight and physical capabilities, the butterfly stroke can burn anywhere from 660 to 976 calories per hour.

Swimming laps at a vigorous rate can burn between 600 and 888 calories per hour. Different strokes target different muscles and burn calories in different ways. The backstroke and breaststroke are two other swimming strokes that burn a lot of calories.

Mountain Biking

Intensify your weight loss journey by taking on an extreme sport such as mountain biking on gravel, trail, or bike paths.

To spice up your riding routine and increase the calorie burn rate, ride your bike where the sidewalk ends because there is more rolling resistance on unpaved terrain and thus, takes more energy to ride on than on buttery-smooth macadam.

The rougher the surface, the more calories you burn. 

Mountain biking burns up to 600 calories per hour and strengthens your arms, back, chest, and core muscles.

Which one is for you?

When it comes to calorie burning, each sport has its advantages and disadvantages.

Swimming and squash are the most accessible and safest ways to begin your weight loss journey because they can help you avoid catastrophic injuries. They’re also held in a secure setting, such as a sports club.

However, once you’ve lost enough weight, you’ll notice that these sports don’t burn as many calories as they used to, and that boxing and/or mountain biking can help you burn more calories once again.