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Various Applications of White Oil

Like other petroleum-based products, white oil is common across the cosmetics and beauty industry. Find out its best uses and manufacturers here.

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Petroleum-based products have been used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for centuries. For example, Vaseline, an ingredient obtained by refining crude petroleum, is an indispensable skincare product. Another important petroleum-based material that we frequently use in our day-to-day lives is white mineral oil. 

White mineral oil is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-fluorescent, and transparent material. It consists of saturated hydrocarbons. It is obtained by distilling light fractions of crude oil. Hydrogenation or sulfuric acid treatment is used in the distillation processes. These processes eliminate all sulfur compounds, unsaturated hydrocarbons, and aromatic compounds from crude oil.

White mineral oil manufacturers also refer to this material as liquid paraffin or high-viscosity paraffin. It’s not dissolvable in water or alcohol. But, it’s easily dissolvable in organic solvents such as benzene, chloroform, or ether. This material is technically classified as ‘pharmaceutical grade.’ It’s not carcinogenic.

White mineral oil suppliers differentiate their products based on their viscosity. Low-viscosity and high-viscosity white mineral oils have different applications. The purification and production processes of this oil also vary based on its viscosity.

Chemical Properties of White Mineral Oil

  • Chemical Names: White oil, Paraffinum Perliquidum
  • CAS Number: 8042-47-5
  • Molar Mass: Ranges between 212-702 g/mol
  • Boiling Point: 260–600°C (at 1013 millibars pressure)
  • Density: 0.81-0.894 g/cm3 (at 15°C)

Applications of White Oil

White mineral oil manufacturers and suppliers play critical roles in various industries. Here are the main industries where this oil is used –

Cosmetics Industry

The world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers and white mineral oil suppliers have long-standing relationships. White oil is used as supplementary materials in the manufacture of lotions, creams, depilatories, baby oils, bath oils, sun-tanning products, UV-protection creams, makeup products, makeup removers, and other similar formulations.

The white mineral oil used in the cosmetics manufacturing industry is pharma-grade. It doesn’t contain any hazardous substances that may negatively impact human health. White oil doesn’t contain any chemically active ingredients. So, it doesn’t cause any short or long-term damage even if it enters the human body directly/indirectly. It is naturally removed from the body.

Pharmaceutical Industry

White mineral oil manufacturers aid the pharmaceutical industry in various ways. This oil is used to produce pomade formulations, gelatin capsules, animal vaccines, laxatives, and ointments.

Food Manufacturing and Processing Industry

White mineral oil is used extensively in the food manufacturing and processing industry. Food and drink production processes involve the use of various lubricating oils (hydraulic system oils, compressor oils, gear oils, etc.). White mineral oil is the preferred lubricant in processes where the lubricating oils come in direct contact with the food items.

That’s because such lubricating oils need to be safe and free from any hazardous substances that may directly/indirectly impact consumers’ health. The oil white mineral oil suppliers provide is food-grade and matches all these criteria. To minimize potential health risks, white oil is used in hydraulic systems, gears, etc.

Plastics and Elastomer Industry

White mineral oil manufacturers play a crucial role in the plastics and elastomer manufacturing industries. White oil aids the production of PVCs, thermoplastic rubber, and polystyrene. Foodservice cups, packaging items, plastic utensils, etc., are produced using white oil.

White oil also softens rubber and polymer products, so it is used to create equipment protection devices. The acute toxicity of highly refined white oils is fairly low. That’s why this oil is found in various products such as – toys, adhesives, glossing products, cleaning products, etc.

The journey of white mineral oil starts from crude petroleum wells and ends in large-scale manufacturing plants. We can find this oil in plenty of products that we use in our daily lives. The best white mineral oil manufacturers always meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements as this oil is widely used in food contact applications.