Why Choosing The Right Colour Matters In Interior Design?


Why Choosing The Right Colour Matters In Interior Design?

How can colour theory shape your interior design choices? What are some colours that pair well together? These might be more important than you think.

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Selecting the right shade of colour helps in saving money and time. And using combinations of colours help in introducing various shades of emotions. Be it calming, pleasant or aggressive, everything can be adequately trained in interior design. There are various interior design degree courses in Mumbai, giving the idea of the colour palette. Further, every home comes with a colour palette. Selecting the right colours to tell you how each room feels. 

Importance of choosing the right colour palette

Colours are connected with the brains for impacting the space significantly. Likewise, before choosing the right company, there are colour therapies for giving the right messages to the people. Some services use one colour theme while others might prefer another colour theme. 

  1. Red

Interior designing colleges in Mumbai believe that red is such an intense colour drawing everyone’s attention. Further, it’s best to avoid red in the bedrooms because excess of it causes aggression. It helps in promoting enthusiasm along with bringing confidence in the minds of people. 

  1. Yellow

Yellow helps in promoting enthusiasm and positivity in life. The colour itself shows creativity making it great to be used in study rooms. The colour helps in stimulating the nervous and mind system. Also, the colour helps in encouraging communication. 

  1. Orange

The warmth of the orange colour has the power to change the moods of the room and people. By taking interior design classes in Mumbai, the designers learn the true meaning of using the appropriate colours in rooms. The colour creates positive and social energy making it best to be used in gym or dining rooms. The colour also inspires appetite, and people prefer this colour in living rooms. 

  1. Green

Green is associated with harmony and peace. It also makes the homes feel lively and so tranquil. Secondly, the colour gives a natural balance of warmth and cool when mixed with yellow and blue undertones. The colour is best for those people who want a feel of staying close to nature. It is so soothing and relaxing. Try using pink and cream colours with green. 

  1. Purple

Purple is used to create a striking balance of the red and blue colour. Violet is such a royal colour adding opulence and luxury to the rooms. Plum, lavender, etc., are some other purple colour variations to be used in the rooms.  Purple is a fantastic colour to be mixed with different colours. Purple is a great colour to be used in the playrooms and hallways. 

  1. Blue

The colour of the ocean provides a calming nature to the rooms. Furthermore, the interior design courses give an idea of using colours to see the appearance of the rooms. The electric blue colour is so dramatic. Please don’t use the blue shades everywhere as it will create a cold atmosphere. The blue colour is a beautiful calm colour. It works best with cream, pink and yellow colours. 

Try to be playful with the colours.

Match the colours with the furniture pieces in the rooms. Choose mid-tones along with the rugged furniture. The bright colour tones will be used for the pillows and frames. When decorating a room, the flowing paint colour theme provides the illusion of larger spaces. The flowing paint also creates relaxing vibes in the rooms. Moreover, each of the rooms needs accent rooms. Keep the flow going in all the rooms. Mould everything so that it falls into place. 


The best interior design colleges in Mumbai will teach about the usage of different combinations of colours and allow you to design the best homes for your clients.