What is the Scope of Fashion Designing in India?


What is the Scope of Fashion Designing in India?

Fashion design is a wide and booming industry, though difficult to get into. From consulting to designing, there are many roles to play in the industry.

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Fashion Designing is considered one of the most enticing and appealing career options. Its volatility, glamour quotient along immense creative opportunities have attracted youth across the globe to pursue their career in this artistic field. Haute couture has shown tremendous upgrades and is constantly evolving. So, if you have flair for creativity with an eye for perfection and attention to detail then, fashion designing is one of the best career options. There are numerous colleges offering fashion marketing and management courses in Mumbai. 

These courses are specifically designed taking into consideration the latest trends, styles, fashion prospects, and career scope. It is essential to have a thorough analysis of all these factors and register with a fashion marketing and management course that is skill-based, in-depth covering vital aspects of fashion communications and marketing.

The scope of Fashion Designing in India 

Fashion designing is a rare collaboration of style, comfort, aesthetic appeal, and textures. It weaves a compelling story in an appealing and enthralling way. Fashion designing gives wings to your imagination and allows you to widen your creative horizons. The scope of fashion designing in India has evolved to the next level. Today, fashion designing is not just limited to clothes, fabrics, and fancy embroideries. It involves an umpteen number of elements such as designing accessories, concepts, themes, fashion communication, management, designing accessories & Footwear, styling, and much more. 

If you are looking out for a career in fashion designing in India then, here is the guide that can aid you to understand the scope and future of fashion designing:

  • Fashion Designer: One of the most common and significant careers that one can pursue after completing a course from Raffles fashion marketing & management college is of a fashion designer. A fashion designer is an integral part of the fashion industry. A fashion designer can create a seamless symphony of colours, texture, fabric, patterns, and design to craft a masterpiece. A fashion designer is a visionary.

    A fashion designer is the one who creates a new cult and introduces styles that are distinctive and class apart. Fashion designers envision designing clothes that are aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. Several fashion designers specialize in haute couture or bespoke tailoring wherein, they design, create and craft clothes to meet the varied needs of individuals as well as fashion labels.
  • Fashion Consultant: If you have a lure for perfection and have acquired expertise in the fashion world then., you can serve as a fashion consultant and provide your valuable conseil to professional fashion houses and brands. Formal training and education from Raffles fashion marketing & management course can provide you with the desired experience of trends and allow you to offer your professional services in the various realm of fashion.

    As an expert fashion consultant, you can provide your service on a contract basis or project basis. You can assist in visual merchandising and leverage the power of point of sale to increase the brand’s revenue. 
  • Fashion Influencer: A new fashion avenue that has widened its reach in a couple of years is the rise of the social media networking platform. A fashion influencer has myriad followers on social media. A fashion influencer works to create engaging and interactive content that is interesting and influential. Brands endorse fashion influencers to attend their fashion shows, review their products, and post sponsored content on their social media handles. The fashion marketing and management courses in Mumbai can enable you to comprehend the fashion tactics and how they can be utilized to rightly market the products in the glitz and glamour world.

The key takeaway

The above mentioned are some career prospects in fashion designing. However, there are other prospects such as merchandiser, store manager, fashion marketer, fashion forecaster, fashion illustrator, stylist, and much more. The scope of fashion designing is broad and wide. All it requires some professional training and a deep understanding of the field to carve a niche for oneself and take your career to a next level.